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April 12- Smooth travel; that there will be no questions from the immigration; that we will remember to bring all our important papers to the airport; no hassle with luggage and equipment weight; safety in travel to Suvharnabhumi airport. FLIGHT 5J931 Cebu Pacific

 April 13– Restful sleep even as we stay in the airport; no luggage, equipment and valuables will be lost at the bus station (It’s *Songkran festival and many people are traveling that time); that we will be watchful, prayerful and alert as we travel for 12 hours to Phayao (Northern Thailand).

 April 14– Safe arrival to Phayao; Restful long travel by bus; May we show genuine love among the children through our smiles and friendly gestures, even as we do our cultural presentation to two orphanages in Chiangkam and Phusang district; a sweet time of fellowship among the villagers as we visit their community.

April 15- Adjustment in taste buds as we eat spicy foods (Thai dish!); Good planning and preparation for the upcoming music and arts workshop; adjustment as we start to experience Thai culture.

 April 16- Workshop starts today! Wisdom as our team divides in two groups to do music and arts workshop to *Non-C (Hosanna Music and Language School) and *C’s (Chiangkam church); Pray that there will be no language barrier.

 April 17– Day 2 of workshops!!! May we be effective teachers to our students; for Ate RB as she leads testimony workshop to C’s in Chiangkam; may the *HS moved their hearts to share Christ through their stories;  Pray for the other team doing their workshops to non C’s; May they represent Jesus well, through our friendship.

April 18– Day 3 of workshops!! This is the last day of workshop for the team in Hosanna (Non C); that our youth will be able to share Jesus through the evangelistic bracelets that we are giving them; for excellent performance as we do our cultural presentation.

April 19-Last day of workshop for the team in Chiangkam (for C’s); may we inspire Thai Christian youths who have attended the workshop to be more passionate about their faith and use their skills for God’s glory; for great performance among our team as we do another cultural presentation.

 April 20- That we will bless and encourage four churches in Chiangkam through our music and testimonies in the morning; mobilize young people (from 22 churches) through our missions and evangelistic concert at night; God’s presence be felt during our youth concert as we perform together with their youth who attended the workshop; good sound equipment; Kuya Arnold as he does sound; God’s message to come across effectively through our presentation.

April 21– Fun time of rest and sightseeing in Phayao; may we use this time to establish good relationships among the Filipino missionaries there; may we strengthen them to endure hardships and challenges they are facing as they reach out to the lost in Thailand, apart from their own families.

April 22-Enjoy debrief, rest and renewal during our retreat in Chiangrai; for our one on one interviews with the youth and the staff; God’s wisdom as we address team “issues” (in case there will be).

April 23-That we will be renewed and strengthened for the next ministries; that youth will spend their allowance wisely, as we visit the night market in Chiangrai; meditate and reflect on what God is doing in our hearts and not forget to write in our journal and be sincere and honest before the Lord; safe and smooth travel for Mark Legaspi, from Chiangrai to Bangkok and Bangkok to Manila. (had to leave early for his exam)

April 24- That we will adjust easily as we transfer to another host in Maesai; restful sleep; good health as we continue to adjust to the very hot weather; no youth will experience any form of allergies and all kinds of sicknesses.

April 25– Opportunities for prayer walking as we visit the *Shan community; wisdom as we begin to plan and prepare for the upcoming workshops in the area; buy all the supplies we need; great time of fellowship with the rest of the team from SEND International -the Obado family, Arnie, the Daquis, and our Thai hosts, *Ajan Wiworn and his wife.

April 26- Spiritual impact as we do a youth concert in *Aka church; pray for good sound equipment; excellent performance from the team and effectivity of the ministry among the Aka people groups; that songs will be understood as we use Thai translated power point.

 April 27- Strength for the team as we do another evangelistic concert, this time among the Shan people groups; power of the HS be felt during the concert;  no language barrier; may they hear the truth of the gospel through our songs, testimonies and mini-dramas.

 April 28- Friendship and music camp starts today! May our team work in unity as the bible teaches us; may our livelihood workshops be effective and may they be able to use it to help them in their respective communities; wisdom for all teachers in the music and arts workshops.

April 29 –Last day of our friendship and music camp! may we give our best and grab this opportunity to share Christ through our testimonies and friendship; may the Aka and the Shan people groups feel loved as we build good relationships.

April 30- Our young people will spend wisely as we go to pasalubong shops to buy souvenirs to our loved ones and supporters; that we will have enough time to do sightseeing and enjoy Maesai; that even as we enjoy our free time, we remember to utter a silent prayer of salvation for every Thai person we will meet;  smooth, safe and restful 12-hour travel to Bangkok (by bus), at night.

May 1– Fruitful time with Kuya Zac and Ate Ruth Morales; God to speak in our hearts as we hear them share about their ministry to the “cousins” in Bangkok; Opportunity for last minute shopping, as the Lord wills.

May 2– Safe travel from Bangkok to Manila FLIGHT 5J932; No luggage lost; that our young people will carry with them the burden to someday be a missionary tentmaker in Thailand!

 May 11 (Sunday)- That our Thanksgiving service and batch 8 graduation, will fill everyone’s hearts with praises to God as we hear great and beautiful testimonies from our trip; May this be the beginning of our youth’s “missions”  journey with the Lord,  even as we end this batch in 180! To God be the glory!


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