A Word from the Director 4th Quarter 2021

Dear Ministry Partners,

CHRISTMAS BRINGS UNSPEAKABLE JOY!!! There is something about Christmas that brings so much joy that is so great we can’t express it in words.  So great that it is beyond every human ability to describe.  That even through great trials, we take time to celebrate and look forward to the most awaited time of the year. And so it is true that when the angels appeared to the shepherds the night Jesus was born,  they said to them, “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people!”  

And speaking of good news, IT IS WITH GREAT JOY to report to you the marvelous things that God has been doing in and through the lives of our current batch –Batch “Elect” Eleven (11)…

Our 180 Degree-ers recently graduated from Youth Kairos, a 9-session guided learning experience, specifically designed to help young people discover how they can be a part of the World Christian Movement!!!  We have been doing this for nine Saturday mornings, which was a struggle for some of them since they are not used to waking up that early, not to mention that Saturdays are supposed to be the only rest day for some who work or those who have online classes. But somehow they managed to squeeze in studying about God’s heart for the nations in-between exams, projects and work requirements!  Praise the Lord!  When they were asked how they would want people to describe them and write about their  generation, most of them answered that they want to use the advancement of technology and that they would be an “undercover” digital or media influencer for missions.  Now there’s no limit to taking the gospel to the world! There’s no stopping the new generation not even this pandemic…And there’s no stopping our virtual Christmas party…

WHAT A JOY to pray and celebrate the nations! We have decided to dress ourselves in our chosen UPG (Unreached People Groups)  during our virtual Christmas party!  While we were having fun copying their National costumes, we also took the time to pray for them using scriptures from the Bible, which was the highlight of the celebration.   One of the criterias for judging the winner of the best in UPGs National costume is to be able to present their people group well which required them to research on their adapted people group. We were encouraged by the virtual presence of Tito Russ and Tita Ramona via a prerecorded message!  What also made the event meaningful was hearing from the young people how their lives were touched by the ministry of 180 Degrees, especially during the pandemic when they were locked down and  felt discouraged to move on with their lives.  Tears of joy flowed as some of the girls were ending their two-year covenant.  Their two-year chapter had ended…BUT, another chapter will be opened as they have decided to renew their covenant.  Now off to a great start as we reopen the Ministry Center next year, for our “face-to-face” training and begin Batch “Elect” Eleven….Extended!!!  Please pray for God’s wisdom as I work on the new curriculum and prepare for the  “onsite” new normal setting. 

From L-R top row (Kyrle of Lisu Tribe, Samuel of Japan, Nikki of Rakhine, Trix of Kabardian) L-R mid row (Sam of Qiabiao, Gerald as host, RB of Mappila, Jez of Yemen) Below L, Kenny of Samurai tribe and Ate Erma as our guest

BRINGING JOY TO YOU!  We are so glad that you have been blessed by the Christmas presentation that we sent you!  Please know that while we were doing it, we were thinking about YOU.  We were also thinking about how God’s message of love through music can  reach hearts in different parts of the globe!

WE THANK YOU 180 FAMILY!  The unspeakable kind of joy does not depend on our circumstances but deeply rooted in the relationship that we have with Jesus!  We rejoice with you with unspeakable joy!

In Christ’s name and fame,

Roselle Brocal

Executive Director, 180 Degrees Music Team, Inc.