A Word from the Director 3rd Quarter 2021

IT SHOULD BE FAITH OVERCOMING FEAR.  What a great reminder for all of us especially in these uncertain times.  Last September, GCF (Greenhills Christian Fellowship) Ortigas (City in Metro Manila), one of our church partners, invited me to share a testimony about God’s faithfulness in and through the ministry of 180 Degrees!  It was a different experience for me, since this was for a virtual service — the new normal worship, so to speak.   So, I was required to shoot a video and I nervously accepted the challenge.  As expected, I had encountered many obstacles, like not having enough light because the ring light was acting up, noises everywhere like dogs barking, car doors banging that seemed to join in, the moment I started recording, and not to mention the stormy weather!  I was a little worried that I might not be able to comply with the video requirements and the deadline. But after several tries I was able to do it, praise the Lord! But the most exciting part of it all, was I got to share about God’s heart for the nations and that the new generation plays an important role in the great commission. 

Sometimes, doing something different gives us anxiety because of the certain “fear of the unknown”.  But there is joy when after facing the challenge and doing it, we have accomplished something greater than wallowing in our worries.  Wallow in worry, or willingly worship?  The choice is ours to make. However,  there are times when our faith is being tested and is beyond our control.  Now, that’s a different story.  How big of a faith do we have when we are faced with fears? 

A screenshot of my testimony video

MY FAITH JOURNEY.  I believe this season strengthened my walk with God.  With all the time that we have to spend at home, I enjoyed having quiet opportunities, seeking and worshiping the Lord.  I felt my faith growing more and more, as I invested on memorizing scriptures and reading the bible.  However, bad news about COVID-19 had been going on and on in social media.  With victims rising up even with the increasing turn-out of vaccination, with so many “condolences” posts on facebook, and upon hearing that even some of the vaccinated got covid and some even died, fear and anxiety gradually crept up on me. 

I was not aware of that, until I realized that I had been losing sleep for the past consecutive nights…even days. It was not an easy journey.  I would be lying on the bed at 9 pm but will just toss and turn, still awake until 1 or 2 am.  I will be able to sleep for about 45 mins to 1 hour, but once awakened, I would not be able to bring myself back to sleep.  This horrible nightmare went on for 6 straight nights.  I would feel the extreme sleepiness in the morning but still would not get me to sleep or even just a nap.  So I kept myself physically busy and exhausted in the morning, so I could sleep at night…but to no avail.  My eyes were so heavy but still my brain was not at “peace”.   During those sleepless nights, I remember myself recalling healing verses from the bible, or God’s promises of peace to those whose minds are stayed on Him.   But I thought, they did not seem to work.  I even had one night of crying and begging God to put me to sleep.  But still, I kept my faith.  I remembered after “crying myself to sleep” (though no sleep) that night, the next morning, I stood up and said with my whole heart, “Lord, I still love you” and started worshiping Him.  I had the joy and the energy that day to do my tasks at home, and slowly, I was able to regain my strength and are now starting to have a normal sleep.  I realized that for the past days, God was not really after how I had been exerting all efforts on making His word work for me and my situation.  But He was after my heart.  Do I really love Him?  Will I still love Him no matter what?  Will I still cling to His word even if I don’t see results?  I realized that as my faith grows, my love for Him grows even more. During those sleepless nights, fear attempted to grow itself with thoughts like “no sleep means weak immunity, therefore you might get covid”, etc…but LOVE CONQUERS ALL FEAR.

In Psalm 91:14-15, “Because he loves me, says the Lord, I will rescue him; I will protect him, for he acknowledges my name.  He will call on me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble, I will deliver him and honor him.” 

FAITH VS FEAR.  The past months were not easy for our 180 Degree-ers as some of them are also experiencing their own battles.  Please pray for one of our young people as she is again experiencing episodes of panic attacks, the feeling of intense fear and anxiety over unknown reasons.  She said the last episodes were in February.   May she immerse herself in God’s truth so that when it suddenly hits, she will have the  weapon to STAND IN FAITH AND OVERCOME FEAR!

OVERCOMING THROUGH FAITH!  We are almost in the last leg of the two-year journey for the first set of members of Batch 11.  We survived and thrived!!!  Since we are not able to travel for our usual cross-cultural mission trip, we are highlighting the end of their covenant by having them take the Youth Kairos course, a 9-session guided learning experience, specifically designed to help young people discover how they can be a part of the World Christian Movement.  The good thing was that our Facilitators are our partners from Go Team Davao, another youth mission organization founded by our dear Founder, Tita Ramona Simons!!! They will be trained as Facilitators too so they can pass this on and train other young people, and mobilize the next generations for missions.  We may not be allowed to travel and go out to share the gospel but we can multiply ourselves and use technology for the advancement of God’s kingdom!!!

THANK YOU 180 FAMILY! Let us continue to uphold one another in prayers.  And may we continue to exemplify God’s love by bearing one another’s burdens and strengthening each others faith.  Let the love that is shed abroad in our hearts manifest (Romans 5:5), for “perfect love casts out all fears” (1 John 4:18) 

In Christ’s name and fame,

Roselle Brocal

Executive Director, 180 Degrees Music Team, Inc