A Word from the Director 2nd Quarter 2021

WE BELIEVE THAT NOW IS THE SEASON OF HEALING!  Vaccines rolling out in the Philippines and all over the world, cases of COVID going down, countries no longer requiring masks when outdoors, and other nations reaching herd immunity are just some of the good news that somehow give us a glimmer of hope.   Yes, there is hope!  And yes, there is healing…all in the name of Jesus!

Last time, we have asked for prayers for some of our 180 Degree-ers whose families have been greatly affected by Covid.  Praise God that some of them were already discharged from the hospital and are fully recovering in their respective homes.  Sam (our current member and who’s dad passed away due to Covid) and her family, are still grieving for their loss, but with God’s help, they are experiencing healing day by day.  Isn’t this true for some of us in different aspects?  SLOWLY, WE ARE EXPERIENCING HEALING DAY BY DAY…

Let us continue to pray for comfort, healing and financial provision.

Just recently, our young people have been working on their new testimonies!!!  As we have been guiding our new members on how to write their own salvation and faith stories, we have asked our older members to write their “new normal” testimonies.  How did God help them cope up with the frustrations, anxieties, discouragements, “locked-down” moments and feelings of hopelessness.  For some of them, their challenges were lack of motivation.  For another, it was fear overcoming faith.  We have mentioned that Sam lost her dad over Covid and it took her weeks before she could regain her composure to write and compose her testimony.  I have encouraged her to do that.  For I believe that part of her healing is to be able to talk about her sorrows and see how others share the burden and be comforted especially those who have the same experience.  HEALING COMES FROM SHARING YOUR HEART OUT BY YOUR OWN STORIES..

Pray for us as we begin working on sharing their new testimonies via video which will be posted on our YouTube channel. 

HEALING BY REACHING OUT!  Last June 26, we had our virtual concert with PRASIA, for the benefit of SOLAR HOPE, which was founded by our very own 180 Degrees’ graduate, Mark Napao. We have tapped some of our graduates specifically those who became a part of Mark’s journey in 180 Degrees . SOLAR HOPE is an initiative to provide solar to rural and poorly electrified communities in the Philippines. It aims to develop sustainable communities in the future.  This event will not only raise funds but also awareness, that there are unreached communities in the Philippines and are poorly-lit, literally and spiritually.  As Mark said before, during our exit interview in 180 Degrees, his desire is “…to give hope and  light sa mga bahay at buhay ng mga tao” (…to the houses and lives of the people) So be it, for God’s glory! 

THANK YOU 180 FAMILY!  Let us continue to be an instrument of healing for others.  And may we, as a nation, humble ourselves, repent of our wicked ways, as we pray and seek His face! May healing flow, in the name of Jesus!

“If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

2 Chronicles 7:14

In Christ’s name and fame,

Roselle BrocalExecutive Director, 180 Degrees Music Team, Inc.