A Word from the Director 1st Quarter 2020

Dear Ministry Partners,

I woke up one morning with a heavy heart.  We are in our 2nd week of the enhanced community quarantine since our President placed the entire country under a state of National Health Emergency.  Classes were suspended.  Workers were encouraged (or forced) to work from home.  All mass gatherings were prohibited thereby cancelling worship services in churches of all religions.  It is just right to practice social distancing to prevent the virus from spreading.  The President even assured the public that those who are working under the daily wage, the “no work, no pay” policy and the indigents will be receiving provisions from the government. The government is doing all they can. But that led me to question God this morning.  How about those who are working in Christian ministries and churches, specifically those who are only receiving love gifts from tithes and offerings or from church events or gatherings?  God was quick to answer during my quiet time.  I was amazed at how He answers specific prayers.  Yes, He is the God who listens! 

Psalm 135:1-2;13-14 “Praise the name of the Lord;  praise Him, you servants of the Lord, you who minister in the house of the Lord, in the courts of the house of our God…Your name, Lord, endures forever, Your renown, Lord, through all generations.  For the Lord will vindicate His people and have compassion on His servants.”  What an assurance for those who are faithful, those who are serving and those who are called by His name.  God is moving!  All we need to do is worship Him!  He will make a distinction between those who are His and those who do not fear Him…

So, In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have an assurance  and we remain steadfast knowing that we have a Sovereign God!  His purpose will stand.  Whatever that may be, we trust and we praise our one true God!

“Remember the former things, those of long ago; I am God, and there is no other; I am God, and there is none like Me.  I make known the end from the beginning, from ancient times, what is still to come.  I say, ‘My purpose will stand, and I will do all that I please.”   Isaiah 46:9-10.

PRAISE GOD FOR HE MAKES KNOWN THE END FROM THE BEGINNING!!!  The first Sunday of  the year 2020 marked the start of Batch 11’s regular meetings.  We started with an end in mind — put an end to a faithless generation and BE THE GENERATION THAT HEARS GOD’S VOICE AND OBEY!

A dramatization of doing a quiet time in the sala setting. Our 180 Degree-ers (sitting on the floor) observe.

So we started our usual discipleship called ACTIVATE! MAD (Mentoring, Accountability, Discipleship) groups by discussing the importance of seeking God and His Word DAILY!  Hearing God’s voice by reading His Word is a command and has great benefits if only we will learn to take it to heart and apply.  We have learned how to practically do our daily God search via an acronym.

P.R.A.C.T.I.C.E  makes permanent, right?  We used the acronym to help us apply God’s word.  (Promise to claim-Right doctrine to believe- Attributes of God to love- Command to obey- Thanks to give- Iniquity to avoid- Concept to act upon- Examples to follow).  We make sure we are monitoring our young people’s daily quiet time and encouraged them to share the blessings they have been receiving from God’s word every Sunday during our divided groups.

PRAISE GOD FOR WHO HE IS!!!  “I am God”And as He reveals Himself to us, He also makes us realize who we really are, as we are created in His own image and likeness!  We have just finished our 6 sessions of the “Who Am I” series, establishing our core identity in Christ.  It was a shock to learn that some of our young people find their identities in their talents, capabilities or even their parents.  One even  said she felt her identity was being a “daughter of a Music Teacher”.  There are identities that can make or break us, but those are just secondary identities.  Our very core identity is who God says we are in the Bible. Period.  Let us choose to wear that ID that we have in Jesus so we can make good decisions and live fruitful lives! 

Our discipleship sessions also helped us internalize the first song in our repertoire entitled, “Masterpiece” by Tori Kelly.  Praise God we are almost finished and is moving on to the next song…

WHO HE IS, REFLECTS WHO WE ARE (or vice versa)Our 180 Degrees’ story reflect our relationship and the working power of Jesus Christ in our lives.  We started our testimony workshops in the first quarter of this year and we are in our final round of creative writing. 

Sharing with you one of Batch 11’s 180 Degrees stories…

     “Hindi na ako babalik dyan,” (I am not coming back anymore) those were my Papa’s last words as we talked over the phone. That was my first Christmas without my Papa and I was 8 years old.

     Summer of April 2003, I was born to my parents, both happily expecting me since I was a “girl”. Everything was perfectly set and prepared for that day.

     But as I grew up, mama and papa had these small fights and that drove me to be more closer to my grandfather who is a Pastor. I would always remember some glimpses of him praying for me.

     My parents’ fights became more violent and traumatic that they vowed to separate and break their marriage. My papa took me away from my mom and that had a great impact on my grandfather. He almost died.     After that, my mom promised to bring me back.

    My grandfather, who is still in the hospital, patiently prayed to God to bring me home. My mom took me from my father. grandpa died that same day.

    My parents reconciled but their fights were never gone. And I don’t want them to separate so I focused on my studies.  I started taking piano lessons. I focused on excelling at everything. I grudged on them but I continued on pleasing them.

     But despite all of those achievements, papa still left us. And I felt so much broken and rejected. I hated myself for not being good enough to please him.

     There came God.

     I started to truly believe in Him Through my Sunday School teacher.

     With His help I was able to pull my self together. I realized that those achievements will never be enough to fill up the missing pieces in my life. In fact, God was the missing piece. And in Him, I came to know that I am loved, for even though my father or mother abandon me, the Lord will take care of me (Psalm 27:10).  In Him, I felt the love of a true father.  And this love is helping me as I journey on forgiving myself and my parents, especially my Papa.

     But the most important thing of all is that I know for sure, that I will be with the Lord, my Father, forever.—Nikki

It’s been almost three months and so far we’ve had 11 meetings (One meeting was cancelled due to COVID-19).  Our young people is starting to have a passion to reach out and compassion for the lost. They are now starting to live their 180 Degrees story!!!

PRAISE GOD FOR HIS PURPOSE WILL STAND!!! The virus will not put an end to the continuous work of God in the hearts and lives of our 180 Degree-ers!!! We’ve been doing some of our sessions online!  Praise God for the gift of technology!

THANK YOU 180 FAMILY!  Amidst the crisis we are facing globally, let us pray for unity among the Body of Christ.  May God’s Sovereignty and power fill the hearts of all peoples, tribes and nations.  May God put an end to this pandemic and bring about a new beginning, a new life with Jesus Christ all over the world— a 180 Degrees turn!  God bless us all!

In Christ’s name and fame,

Roselle Brocal

Executive Director, 180 Degrees Music Team, Inc.