About Us


(A missions training program mobilizing youth for missions through creative arts)

YOUTH IN THE PHILIPPINES CHURCHES NEED TO BE CHALLENGED TO USE THEIR GIFTS AND EXPLORE THEIR POTENTIAL TO REACH GOD’S HARVEST FIELD!  Some pastors/youth leaders believe that youth need to be entertained in order to keep them in the church.  Many church leaders want to keep their youth close by where they can serve in Sunday school, as worship team members, and in DVBS during summers.

Out of these observations, 180 Degrees was born in 2001 to give Christian youth the opportunity to do MORE, beyond the walls of their church!

These dynamic youth, ages 15-24, sign a two-year covenant to serve Christ through the medium of creative arts.  More importantly, they develop a passion for the unreached people groups (UPG) of Asia as they are trained and serve among these people.

During a two-year batch, 180 Degrees undergoes music and missions training along with a weekly discipleship program.  They study about God’s heart for UPGs through courses such as Kairos, God’s Global Glory, and others.

During year one of their covenant, they prepare evangelistic/missions focused concerts, consisting of contemporary Christian music, drama, dance, testimony, and preaching.

Each school year they reach out in places such as Manila Boys Town, prisons, churches and various youth events.  As the team is discipled and becomes more passionate Christ followers they reach out to their classmates, one by one by one…

In April, they serve Muslim areas in Mindanao through peace camps, friendship building etc.

The final challenge at the end of their two years involves going to a UPG country such as Indonesia, Cambodia, etc.  They are encouraged to specifically raise their “spiritual radar” while serving abroad.  In this way God can clearly speak to them about where He wants them to serve Him when they finish their schooling.

It has been proven that youth CAN and WILL rise to the challenge to be serious about following Jesus, do hard and uncomfortable things to reach the lost, and to obey God’s call on their lives.

This organization is truly leading youth out of their comfort zone to the places where God can use them mightily for His kingdom work to UPGs.

VISION:  Youth who are Christ followers, going to all nations to reach their own generation for Christ and to become the next wave of OFWs (Outstanding Filipino Witnesses)

180 PRAYER: “Lord, I am willing to do whatever You want, and to go wherever You send me, so that those who have never heard of Jesus will have at least one chance to become Christ followers, Amen.”