My 180 Degrees Story in the Midst of the Pandemic

This pandemic we’re experiencing right now has refrained us from doing things that we normally do on a daily basis. Some would say that this pandemic gave them different opportunities to know and learn more about themselves, but what about those who were majorly affected by the virus? How will they be able to live with those changes even with our situation?

My family is only one of the many families who were affected by the virus and for us, it all started on March 2021. I can still remember how my family spend our free time doing karaoke, playing scrabble, and watching movies every night. In fact, we already got used to this routine as the lockdown continues outside. Not until my father got tested positive for Covid-19. Every night his condition keeps getting worse and he’ll have a hard time sleeping because of his cough and shortness of breath. And when we brought him to the hospital, we thought there he was getting better since the doctor told us that his body is responding to the medications and since he only has his last round of dialysis and he can finally come home with us. But that never happened because instead of papa coming home to us, he went home with our Creator.

Losing a father is hard, especially with our situation right now. We didn’t even have the chance to see him before he got cremated. And our home which was usually loud became silent for weeks but the Lord, He’s always there all throughout to be with us and to comfort us. He sent people who can help us and remind us that papa’s life has been a blessing to many that we can always be proud of.

Months had passed and so many things changed. Mornings are sometimes filled with tears but God never failed to remind us that as we grieve He’s with us, He will never leave us, He will comfort us, He’ll give us peace and protect us with His goodness. I just want to share the memory verse that helped me through this process:

 Psalm 71:20-21 Though you have made me see troubles, many and bitter, you will restore my life again; from the depths of the earth you will again bring me up. You will increase my honor and comfort me once more.

We can only trust God with all our hearts as we face this challenge in our life, for we can do nothing, but our God, who is Mighty can do everything.

Sam’s parents (fr L-R) while signing the covenant with Sam (standing up) during their covenant signing
“SHY” Sam

Sam Salicio, Batch 11 singer