180 Couples’ Sweet Fellowship with Russ and Ramona Simons, The Founder of 180 Degrees



 “The incredible love of Jesus for each of us is not dependent on how much or how little we do for our Master but on WHO JESUS IS. We can’t earn or deserve His love. He just simply loves us….period.”  This was Tito Russ’ main ‘takeaway’ from his stroke experience that happened in Malta last December.  Even with 50% visual loss and cognitive limitations, he can finally affirm that his stroke is just ok with him.  Tita Ramona feels like she is being courted all over again as Tito Russ is sweeter now!  Praise God!

This became the highlight of the 180 Couples’ dinner and fellowship with The Simons, last November 3. The Simons’ CHRISTmas tree from Marikina is now decorated at the CB Guest House where said event was held. CHRISTmas masks were used for the pictorial and an angel decor was their take home giveaway.  After a catered dinner and a game called “Meet Up”, they gathered around the tree as the Simons shared Tito Russ’ “stroke” testimony.  God’s faithfulness, love and healing were remembered with joy.  Those who could make it were: Jamie and Lea (Cruz) Inocian, Mark and Joanne Abbott, Neil and Divine Lolin, Jared and Carmi Amoroso, Sam and Abi Marquez, Jem and Jenny Yangat, Bench and LA (Aguilar) Bernardo and the babies of the group, Carlo and Viola (Canaceli) Natividad.


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