What a combo! Sending teenagers to reach the nations for Christ is what we are all about!

Since 2001, 180 Degrees has been mentoring and discipling young people through music to know their higher calling in life.

This is no ordinary team! Youth, ages 15-24, are accepted into a two-year comprehensive program through auditions and interview. Meeting weekly for 5.5 hours on Sunday, they rehearse, train and get discipled through MAD groups. (Mentoring, Accountability, Discipleship)

180 Degrees is ready to SERVE! Any youth outreach, government facilities, churches, camps and more, have provided the venues for meaningful ministry through singing, dancing, acting, humor, testimony, challenge, and prayer.

Not only within the Philippines!!! Indonesia, Cambodia, Japan and Thailand are just four of the nations they have travelled to, in Southeast Asia, building friendships through Philippine cultural shows, peace camps, workshops, prayer walking , etc!